Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mixed Signals

Mention the 40 foot to most people in Dublin and the swimming place below in Sandycove comes to mind...
But nearby in Dun Laoghaire there is another 40 foot - a newish trendy bar...

Recently the following dialogue ensued at home...

Daughter (in a hurry from the hall door): "See ya, going to 40 foot."

Me: "What? It's a bit dark out!"

Daughter: "Don't worry...with a bunch of friends"

Me: " will be very cold, geez, you're one brave girl!"

Daughter (getting annoyed): "I've got a coat! Chill out!"

Me: "It aint me that will be chilling. Have you got a big towel?"

Daughter: "Are you drinking or something?"

Door slams.


grannymar said...

Poor Daddies are not allowed a sense of humour!

If she stops calling you daddy and uses your first name, then you are ‘one of them’ and can make as many jokes as you like.

I enjoy the photos they bring me back to my young days.

John of Dublin said...

Hi Grannymar. For a laugh I still say "Bring a towel" any time they say they are going to the 40 foot. The swimming 40 foot would do them more good.

They still call me Dad or Daddy even though eldest is 23. The Daddy version is usually when they want money.

Dario Sanchez said...

My father's friend, whom I'll refer to as the Facking Cont because that is how his D4 accent renders fucking cunt, is treated as a bank by his daughter. She wanted a horse, she got a horse. She wanted a house near UCD, she got a house near UCD. She wanted him to organise a shindig for her Mother on Mother's Day, and teh Facking Cont did it.

Here's hoping I'll never be a mug to my kids.

John of Dublin said...

Hi Dario. Sounds rough, I hate spoiled brats. Ours aren't spoiled, we never bought them anything big. But a bit of cold sea swimming might be healthy - except at night! Having said that, I haven't swam at 40 foot either - but did scuba dive nearby - albeit with cosy semi-dry diving suit!