Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New "kids" on the block!

Well....kids is truly an exaggeration, but it somehow seems apt. I'm referring to the invasion of the Blogosphere by Oldies.

First we've got Grandad over at Head Rambles. He writes great articles. Then his wife Granny started it at Granny Lost The Plot, another very good writer. The interaction between the two blogs is a riot of fun where I suspect fact and fiction blur beautifully. It's brilliant stuff.

We've also got another skilled writer Grannymar at oldbones who seems to be good pals with Granny. The communication between this pair is like watching One Foot in the Grave on the web. And Grannymar's daughter ellybabes has been blogging for quite awhile (and indeed Elly's partner whom Grannymar refers to as sin-in-law!). So this causes further fun and interactions. Indeed Grandad is now trying to encourage his grown up daughter to blog. Geez....in the modern IT world often dominated by youth, this might seem to some as the equivalent of the tail wagging the dog!

I think it's all terrific, adds great balance. Many popular bloggers seem to be young in their 20's or 30's. I was feeling a little old at 52, but now I feel younger!

The Oldies have lots to say, a long lifetime of rich experiences. Young people were never old but old people were young.

Be afraid, be very afraid! The invasion has started.


that girl said...

I was so relieved this year that there were more of us "Oldies" i.e. over 25s at the blog awards and now it seems that there's definitely a revolution happening...brilliant, bloody brilliant and thanks for spotting and naming the trend. Now all we need is Mr Mulley to have a best oldcomer award next year and we'll be truly part of the establishment.

Grandad said...

If 'Oldies' is classed as over 25, then what the hell does that make us? Antedeluvian? Prehistoric?

Get a grip, That Girl. 25 is still in nappies. You have to be at least double that

Granny said...

John - I havent even started yet!!!

John of Dublin said...

That Girl - thanks, glad we agree!

Grandad - your age remark puts me at 52 into oldies. Mmmh, I'd been feeling young until you burst my bubble!

Granny - I believe you!

grannymar said...

What invasion? We have been around for years slogging away before the technology was available. We used pens and paper!

Thankfully as our bodies slow down the technology has come to our aid. On days when getting out (to be bumped into by young folk) proves difficult we can bring the outside world in to our homes.

Being slow of foot does not mean slow of mind or wit!

As for 'old comer’ award I feel I did my bit. Finalist in Two categories at this years awards while Grandad was also nominated for five categories.

There is plenty going on under the grey thatch ;)

John of Dublin said...

Hi Grannymar. Yep, you are so correct. Writing was a tougher slog years ago.

I recall about 8 years ago explaining to my very elderly Mum about e-mail and how instant it was. Her face lit up and she said - "Oh, I'd love that! I always hated writing and posting letters and waiting weeks for a reply!"

It's also true that technology is making things easier as bodies decline - as long as we can type and have broadband the World will be our oyster! I picture nursing homes in years to come being more like Internet caf├ęs!

Omaniblog said...

As the second oldest blogger in Ireland, I'd like to record my appreciation to the grey-haired man who wrote this post. He is spot on.

Grand dad is right, more right than I expected. But remember: what comes round comes round. And that goes for nappies too.

I'm looking forward to some serious blogging on incontinence. If only I could remember how to do it...

Nancy said...

Hello John,

Finally I have met someone who loves "The Life and Loves of a She devil" as much as I do.
You reminded me of a scene in that story when you mentioned incontinence in your blog. Remember when Ruth poured the urine all over Mary Fisher's mother's bed in the nursing home?
What revenge!

Thanks for reminding me. I must watch it again soon.


John of Dublin said...

Hi Nancy, thanks for the comments. Well my pal Omaniblog mentioned the incontinence, but yes it was a funny scene in the I thought Mary Fisher's mother was brilliant in it - especially the scene driving the Rolls Royce near the cliff - swigging the booze! And Tom Baker as the vicer was super too - "I've got feeling for you. Sexual feelings, Mary!" The whole thing was just brilliant as Mary and Bobbo's world slowly collapse under the She Devil.