Monday, March 05, 2007

RTE's The Restaurant - snapshot of new Ireland

I find myself watching this TV piece regularly for various reasons.

The side show is sometimes more interesting than the celebrity chef and critics table. I refer to the other diners tables which are sometimes occupied by an obnoxious bunch of snobby pretentious Irish nouveau riche. Their holier than thou attitude to the food is often dramatically contrasted by their poor table manners. They would do themselves more favours if they could handle their cutlery properly, avoid pointing with their knives and in particular drop their pompous accents which are often clearly put-on for the night. Also, their silly attempts at being knowledgeable at wines nearly always lets them down spectacularly. It's very difficult to name grape type and regions from taste - see how often the real experts get it badly wrong. It would be far more honest for them to just say how they like the wine and comment on it's flavour and scent, rather than trying to impress by effectively picking a wine name and region (and even year) out of a hat.

To me it's a fine example of how immature many of us are in the middle class with our new found wealth. The English upper middle class could still run rings around many of us when it comes to dining breeding. But as long as we can laugh at ourselves it's harmless fun.


Omaniblog said...

"The English upper middle class could still run rings around many of us when it comes to dining breeding."

I love that sentence.

I wonder if the English middle class would do the same?

John of Dublin said...

Good point, one can't generalise of course. I just feel many of the English middle class have a good history of manners and breeding which some of us lack, not through our own fault. I don't have a problem with it, it's just that some people pretend to know more than they do and it often comes across in dining situations. It's amusing to watch.

Julie Ocean said...

It annoys me how the guests try to guess who the celebrity chef is based on what he/she has cooked.

*Pork Dumplings with Apple compote*

Ah yes, that must be George Hook...


John of Dublin said...

Hi Julie. Actually that's a good point you make. They seem to get into their heads what are male and female dishes. An odd time they are right, but considering there are only two genders to chose from they are usually sooooo wrong - way beyond even 50/50.

Dario Sanchez said...

I just saw your blog on Grandad's and I have to agree with you on the diners at the other tables.

You'd swear they thought they were all Paolo Tullio.

John of Dublin said...

Hi Dario. Yea, I've usually no problem with the experts table, it's the other lot!