Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hi, my name is John and I've an addiction!

Sky after sunset
Originally uploaded by John of Dublin.
I've been meaning to blog more on a few subjects recently. I want to talk about Ian Paisley and also election philosophy. But since I've bought this new feckin' camera in February I'm back addicted to photography! So I'm easier to find on Flickr these days and it's taking up a lot of my time.

In the past I used to love taking photos and developing and printing in B&W. Also went through a big phase of slide photography. Had a few different Olympus SLR cameras and good selection of lenses. I was in a tricky hybrid state in the last 7 years using a mixture of good film cameras and average digital cameras. Now I'm Back to the Future so to speak with a brilliant digital SLR beast and great editing software. It's incredibly addictive now and I'm learning more things at a great rate.

I will keep blogging but it's gonna be mixture of photoblog and wordy wisdom for the time being!

I'm not sure whether to thank or curse a certain blogging lady named after a picture element of ruddy hue. Her impressive photographic work, which combines artistic and technical skills, was the final inspiration in me getting back with enthusiasm to this addictive madness!!

Photo taken out our front window this evening.


Claire said...

She sounds like a right rip! haha.

It seems only appropriate that since my own hopeless addiction was started by photobloggers (rymus and redmum to be exact) that I should pass on the bug :D

Oh, and I'm loving your photographs so don't apologise if that's what you're blogging about right now.

John of Dublin said...

Hi Claire...I knew my description of you wasn't vague enough!!

I could write a blog just on the great side-benefits from photography...e.g. paying more attention to what you see everyday...learning names for places, plants, animals, being aware of the sky and light etc. Plus learning more via Flickr about other places and people around the World and their styles/tips in photography.

Geez...I need to shut up and get back to work!!

Thanks for your nice words and support.

Dario Sanchez said...

Please don't make this a photo blog. Your writing is far better and frankly I never understood the whole philosophy of putting up photos as if to say:

Yeah. I'm good. I know it.

That's just the impression I get.

John of Dublin said...

I see your point Dario. There is an element of pride of course. But it's also to tell a story that others might like to hear or provoke some debate. I agree that blogs with photos should be about an interesting message for the reader.

Flickr is a community for sharing photos and discovering/improving with a Worldwide group. That is of course different.

In any event I've no intention of stopping writing, I enjoy that too much also. Only photos I'll put up on the blog will be to support a story of some sort. In this blog I was just telling about my addiction to photography and thought it nice to include a recent photo to support my addiction!

Paige A Harrison said...

I agree with Mr Sanchez in that your writing is very good. But I also love the excellent photos. Keep both up.

Claire said...

But Dario, you could describe any artistic exhibition that way...whether it be photography, oil painting or writing for that matter. All blogging is vanity publishing after all :)

John of Dublin said...

Thanks Paige and Claire.

Writing or photography in the Internet public arena should be interactive and the artist and the viewer should both derive pleasure and share thoughts.

Angelina said...

I only left Dublin less than a week ago and seeing your photos makes me miss Ireland already! The same blogging lady named after a picture element of ruddy hue also got me hooked on exploring more of photography. I'm thinking of signing up for a beginners photography class here soon, hopefully I'll discover I have a knack for it :) Looking forward to seeing more great photos.

John of Dublin said...

Ah, hi there Angelina! I enjoyed your own blog and the Sandymount sequence!

Well with the power of the Internet and with us all taking photos - the World just shrinks!

Thanks for the nice comments