Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Big clean-up on Killiney Beach!

The last post on the Killiney Beach photo provoked some thoughts on colouring etc. Just for fun I'm including the unaltered and altered images below for further comment. In my humble opinion the unaltered photo, although representing the truth on the day, it is not quite as pleasing to the eye as the altered photo. I'd prefer to be on holiday in the second place! What do people think?

Original Untouched Image
Contrast and colour saturation increased

1 comment:

John of Dublin said...

Actually on my work laptop the two versions look quite similar! On the bigger desktop screen at home the differences seem more obvious.

My daughters and their pals spend more time than I do on Killiney Beach in summer. They reckon the colours in the second image are realistic for Killiney beach for a very clear day in mid-summer. I'm inclined to agree. So maybe I'm just advancing the summer a bit into March!