Thursday, March 15, 2007

Music, sweet music!

Spousey has a flashy modern red sports car (yes, I'm jealous). She often notices young lads gawking when out on the road. Eh...I'm sure it's the car that's the gawk subject.... she's not a bad looking chick with natural dark hair and wearing the right sunglasses... but I'm certain there are quite stringent age limits with 20 year old lads for tastes in older women!!!

Anyway, yesterday she told me that a white mid 90s Honda Civic pulls up beside her at traffic lights. I'm sure you get the windows...fancy wheels....unnatural underbelly lights....thumping bassy music.

The window winds down and two pimply faced lads in the front seats take a closer look at the gleaming red sports car. At this stage with the window down the noise of rap music is stronger. Spousey is in the Dublin County Choir and listens to difficult practise pieces in the car all the time. So in an attempt at counter-attack she winds down her window, turns up the CD player and gave them a 100 watt sample of Johann Sebastian Bach's more energetic works!

The irony of 300 year old music belting out in this setting was not lost on the lads and they went into resounding laughter. The lights then turned green and they accelerated off like escaping from Hell. Spousey just shook her head and hoped they would be safe.


Dario Sanchez said...

While hoping that the Honda Civic driving, baseball hat wearing, neon-light using, and rap/dance music playing average skobie drives safely on the road makes as much sense as me saying 'stop dying' to a drowning person - the skobies, they can't drive, not the sentiment itself - I must commend your choice in music.

I've always been a fan of classical music myself, and who says you can't rock out to Mozart? One of the greatest pieces of motivational music - O Fortuna - is classical.

John of Dublin said...

Hi Dario. You've got a good point about classical music. I've always believed there is a market for selling modernised versions of classics for popular consumption. I seem to recall some rendering of Beethoven's 5th to a dance music style about 8 years ago - saw it on MTV. It was great and more could be done in that area. Another commercial advantage is that I assume most of the classics are royalty free for re-work at this stage, though I'm open to correction.

Paige A Harrison said...

Nice story, beautifully told. As it happens I was roaring my head of to classical music in traffic today. Alas, my bike and iPod didn't quite have the same dramatic effect but listening to the Hothouse Flowers' "At Last" with a fine sample of Pachelbel's canon had me soaring!

John of Dublin said...

Hi Paige, thanks. iPOD and bike sounds like a cool combo.