Saturday, September 13, 2008

The haunting Pantheon

The haunting Pantheon
Originally uploaded by John of Dublin.
When we visited Rome in August one of the buildings which had a profound affect on me was the Pantheon. In the bustle of a colourful city square with modern restaurants and buildings was this sepia toned ancient hulking and somewhat disturbing Roman ghost. It totally dominated the square in such a silent and eerie way...the history of 2,000 years etched on its scarred profile. It seemed to exude a menacing boast that all our modern architecture in this square could never match the majesty and longevity of this amazing building built by the bare hands of thousands and thousands of workers with the most basic of tools.


Omaniblog said...

I've been a bit slow getting round to reading your lovely piece, so succinct, so enticing... I've never been to Rome. I have that pleasure to come, I hope. You write so beautifully around your fine photograph.

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