Friday, January 26, 2007

Londonderry air!

Fair dues, the Londonderry name is staying for now.

Sure we couldn't have the entire community calling it Derry or indeed everyone calling it Londonderry. If that madness happened how the heck could you figure out what type of human you were talking to?

What city are you from?

Answer 1: "I'm from Londonderry". Mmmh, clearly a Protestant/Unionist.
Answer 2: "I'm from Derry". Mmmh, clearly a Catholic/Nationalist.

Very useful indeed. We don't have many good tools like this in the Republic. It can take years to figure the religion or political slant of new acquaintances. :-)


Claire said...

Hahaha! Very true. Although I can loan you my aunt, she claims to be able to spot a Protestant at fifty paces.

Aaah, some things never change.

John of Dublin said...

Hi Claire. I know what you mean. Older folk can sense it.

My mother used to say if someone was well dressed..."Lovely, wil' Protestant looking".