Saturday, January 20, 2007

I was live on the telly tonight!

Well, not my ugly face...just my voice.

It seems the author Paul McKenna liked my review on his book I can make you THIN. I was asked to talk to him by phone about the book on a live TV show on QVC satellite channel - it airs on the Sky Digital package. Of course the show was a blatant one hour promotion of his book and CDs. Anyway it all happened tonight at about 7.30pm. It was interesting to be chatting to Paul McKenna for about 10 minutes on the phone and looking at him on TV at the same time. A bit like Pat Kenny phoning you from the Late Late Show - but with Pat Kenny winning the prize! So maybe I helped Mr. McKenna get richer. But credit where due, his book genuinely helped me to lose 28 pounds in weight.

It demonstrates the power of free referrals in sales - never ignore a happy customer!


Claire said...

Wow! Nice one John, did you get a plug in for your blog...quid pro quo? ;)

I have to admit, I like Paul McKenna's approach to weight loss. I know it's all common sense but it's like getting permission to be sensible about eating rather than going to the extremes of either starving yourself or just giving up and stuffing your face.

John of Dublin said...

Hi Claire, no, didn't plug the blog but might follow up by e-mail,

It was weird because the TV image is out of sync with his voice on the phone due to the TV satellite delay - so I had to stop looking at the TV when talking!

You are right, McKenna's system for weight loss is the most natural I've ever seen.

Omaniblog said...

Congrats. That's well done. I knew it was a well written review. How did he get in touch with you? Who read your review? I'm jealous but then you've achieved something.

John of Dublin said...

Thanks Omani. It was slightly triggered by myself in the sense that I simply e-mailed his website with a one-liner to thank him for the benefits of the book - and giving him a link to my little review. He read the review and that prompted his response.