Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wimbledon...Space Shuttle...World Cup

Okay. Some good reflections from yesterday...America's 4th July....

1. I took the afternoon off for various reasons - but partly to watch some Wimbledon live tennis. I enjoyed Maria Shapapova (my hero) beating Elena Dementieva in the ladies quarter finals.

2. I watched the US Space Shuttle launch live in the evening. It's always exciting to watch. I know it is mad expensive and risky putting people into space but the technological achievement blows me away. The raw power of that monster going vertically up into the air and reaching 4,000mph within a minute and 18,000 mph orbital speed within about 10 minutes - it's truly awesome. It brings me back to the glory days of Apollo launches and putting men on the Moon.

3. I watched most of the Italy - Germany World Cup semi-final. HOWEVER - I went to the bathroom for 2 minutes and missed BOTH GOALS at the end. That sucks!


-Ann said...

Doh! That's the thing about soccer. It's impossible to know when something is going to happen. I'm just not that keen on it. It seems like 85 minutes of boredom and about 5 minutes of excitement or terror, depending on which team you support.

John of Dublin said...

Hi Ann. Yes, many would agree with you. The GAA games are famous for the fast action and regular scoring.

But when a goal does happen in soccer it's a big thrill.