Friday, July 28, 2006

Mediterranean Dublin

Following on my last blog, this one really seems trivial. But weather is always a topic we Irish banter about.

It has been hot and rain free for so long now. Our lawn is yellow, but at least I don't have to cut it so often.

We've had painters just finished tackling the entire outside of our house including balconies, railings, downpipes, roofboards, porches, chimneys, perimeter walls, the lot. It was tough for them in the sun heat and the glare from the white masonry. The four of them suffered for two weeks working flat out as it's a very large house, and this included them baking in the 30C peaks of last week. We were keeping the plastic recycling bins full with the number of drinks they went through each day.

It's hard to work when it's hot. In the office I feel our productivities are down as even with fans running the rooms are at 30C. I'm using any excuse to get out in the airconned car to visit a customer! Yesterday I lingered for longer than normal in a customer site with welcoming airconned offices. The workers looked comfortable and fresher than folk in our place.

I'm not good in high heat. Worst was when we were on holiday in Turkey in 2001. Temperatures hit a dangerous 46C. Given that this is 9C warmer than our blood it was often medically essential to use outdoor cold showers fully clothed - we were bone dry again in 5 minutes! The apartments were not airconned. We hardly slept at night, the building was a furnace. The unfortunate hot and bothered cleaning lady who came in each day seemed to have only three words of English which formed a mantra she repeated to us daily - "Give me water!". When we came back to Dublin I nearly did a papal kissing of the ground and we didn't go on a sun holiday for another 3 years!

I like the temperate climate of Ireland. You can be safely busy outdoors any time. But 20C is more than enough. This 30C type heat from last week was weird. I'm not built for it. Spousey has a more Latin dark haired makeup and normally likes the heat and sun, but she is even complaining lately - especially on how warm the house gets indoors in evening. The masonry seems to soak the sun's heat and give it out at night into the house.

Well we've a holiday in Sorrento Italy coming up end of next week, so I guess more heat. But I'm looking forward to the break, it seems an interesting area to visit and the hotel will be airconned. And of course we are getting aclimatised in Mediterranean Dublin.

Postscript: Saturday 29 July: Aaagh... I jinxed the weather - it's pouring rain here today.


missmellifluous said...

I hope you enjoy the rain. At least it is a break from the heat. I wish for hotter weather though! Unlike you, I freeze in anything less than 22C. I love the warm summer days and am happy with high 20s-low 30s. However, 46C is crazy! I am sure I'd wilt in a second.

I hope you have great weather for your holiday and enjoy your time away! COme back refreshed with great stories for us, John of Dublin!

John of Dublin said...

Hi Missmellifluous. I guess it's winter in Australia now, but I'm sure it's warmer than Irish winters.

missmellifluous said...

Yes, it is. I really shouldn't complain.