Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mary Harney, Ben Dunne...fight flab and motivate us all!

I'm nobody to preach about being overweight and I understand the problem only too well. But I just think our Minister for Health should consider solving her own weight problem for her own sake and as an added motivation it would set a wonderful example for the nation whose health she clearly is concerned with. Mary Harney has been overweight for as long as I can remember and seems to get larger with time. I'm sure she knows it's dangerous for her as she gets older and the stress and nature of the job with long sitting hours and lunches/dinners etc. can't be a help.

I'm not just picking on Mary Harney because she is a woman. There seems to be a bit of the "Emperor's clothes" taboo about commenting on the weight of a senior high profile female politician (or I suppose on any woman come to think of it!). It's not just about women though. Ben Dunne looks like a most unlikely person to be promoting his fitness clubs - and he has said as much himself! What an example he could set by losing weight and the free publicity for his clubs would be excellent for business. Would probably extend his life as a bonus.

I've noticed that any public comments on national obesity are made by the Taoiseach instead of the more logical Minister for Health, Mary Harney, so she clearly sees the irony. It's a free country as they say and people including elected politicians make their own personal choices. It's also bloody difficult to lose weight. It's a permanent attitude of mind to food which is needed.

I've always had great respect for Mary Harney as a politician. I still credit her for solving the smog problem in Dublin by banning sale of smoky fuels. And I do think she is the right person for sorting out the Health service, given time. Imagine how she could motivate all of us with weight problems by starting and participating in a nationwide and televised campaign to lose weight permanently. It's not easy for her but she could be doing it primarily for herself and secondly for the nation. Ben Dunne should team up with her on a national campaign! It would be fun and would get us all who are overweight in on the act.

Right, I know I'm sooooo dead for commenting on a woman's weight but I promise that if a very overweight man was Minister for Health I would suggest the same thing!

Finally, anyone volunteering to ask Mary? Not me, I'm too the emperor has lovely clothes! I'll volunteer for Ben Dunne.


Claire said...

:D Brave indeed John, commenting on a woman's weight!

I have to admit I've been struck in the past by the irony of having a Minister for Health who wouldn't exactly be a poster child for health. On the other hand, I'd hate to have a super-fit model telling me I ought to cut down on the chocolate. At least it would seem that Mary is a regular woman who understands the difficulties of staying healthy and fit these days.

Are you suggesting some kind of Dáil Fit Club along the lines of the Reality TV shows in the UK? :D

John of Dublin said...

Yes Claire, I hate super-fit unnaturally sized models preaching too. I'm overweight myself but I only comment on Mary and Ben because they are very outside any normal ranges and in very relevant key positions.

I'm not suggesting anything too crazy, maybe a monthly 10 minute stint on the Late Late Show. But it would make a great show of it's own also..."Mary and Ben, Look and Learn"!