Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Lucia wins "You're a Star"....thank goodness!

I had a passing interest in the final of RTE's "You're a Star" singing talent contest at the weekend. I was very wowed by the voice of Lucia Evans and she was in a different class to anyone else I heard in the previous weeks.

I was a little intrigued by what might happen in the public voting at the final. I'm guessing purely from anecdotal evidence that mainly females vote on these things (only a guess!) and I thought many might be swayed by the charm of the quintessentially Irish O'Sullivan lads. Also given that Lucia was a black girl originally from Zimbabwe I had a nagging fear that some element of racism or zenophobia could potentially creep in on a public but secret vote. I didn't think it would but you just never know. Certainly if she had lost the vote I would have had to suspect some racism because she was so clearly the best beyond any level of subjectivity associated with musical talent. Thankfully and rightly Lucia won the public vote. It doesn't really prove that the Irish are not racist but at least it didn't suggest that we are!

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