Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Go Forth My Child

Go Forth My Child
Originally uploaded by John of Dublin.
Sorry I've been quiet for awhile on the Blog side. My main hobby in the last year has been photography and related interaction with the Flickr photographic web site. Tennis also occupies my time.

I haven't thought of much to say in the blog lately so when I'm feeling blank maybe I'll just post the occasional photo which I've been uploading to Flickr. This shot was taken at home with flash photography of a pose by my eldest daughter Amy and I. The background was added later in Photoshop. It's loosely based on the "Creation of Adam" painting by Michelangelo.


grannymar said...

Welcome back! You were missed.

John of Dublin said...

Thank you Mary! I notice you are as busy as ever on you blog!

-Ann said...

Welcome back indeed! Your photo reminds me of a painting Peter and I found in the trash in Ranelagh 12 years ago - it was the God part was done in some detail but his finger was touching an apple, which was being held by Snow white. Maybe you had to see it to appreciate it. :)

John of Dublin said...

Thanks Ann.

Anonymous said...

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