Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A tale of two 35 year old Irish fathers

On Sunday I watched with elation as 35 year old Padraig Harrington reached the pinnacle of his profession in golf by winning the British Open. It was heartwarming. He embraced his son and his wife. Happiness and warm positive feelings everywhere.

Meanwhile another tall well groomed 35 year old Irish father was spending his first day of a lifetime sentence in prison for the brutal murder of his wife. Joe O'Reilly had potential of achieving for himself and his family the positive happiness sensations of a Padraig Harrington. I wonder if he watched the TV and reflected. Two personifications of the zenith and the nadir of the human spirit.


Omaniblog said...

On one of your rare visits to the composing table? Tis good to see you write again. I miss your view and I'd hate to think that the election wore you out.

A fine contrast you paint...

Omaniblog said...

I've just realised that we might have to wait until another Irish person wins something huge or another one goes on trial in order to be treated to a bit more writing. Eh?

I put it down to the weather: difficulty of writing outdoors. Or perhaps a finely balanced home-work life?

Lucy said...

(Feel free to erase/delete this comment as it does not pertain to your original post. I would've sent you an email, but it wasn't listed on your blog.)

Dear John of Dublin:

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Robin said...

The reflection of two hearts. One productive, one hard. Do we blame it on genes or environment? One thing I know is....It always takes someone special to remind us to stop and "reflect" on the lights and colors around us....Thank you John. I love your blog.

blankpaige said...

John,just to let you know that your audience awaits and missed your observations. Hope all is well.