Saturday, June 09, 2007

Another daughter turns 21!

Our middle daughter, Jill, turned 21 today. It's a nice feeling for us as parents. You think back to her day of birth.

9th June 1986 was a lovely sunny day in Dublin - just like today was. Jill was born at 6.55 am. She was 24 days late and maybe that helped her to turn out to be nearly 9 pounds at birth!

I'll never forget walking down Grafton Street afterwards in the sunshine to buy flowers. It felt amazing. You would think that having experienced the joy of out firstborn, Amy, that a second birth would be getting routine. That was so far from the truth. Maybe because we had been through confusion and fear etc. with a first time experience it was now a time to focus more on the wonders of it all this time. And now there was Amy at two and half years old to be told about it all and be part of it. It was brilliant bringing Amy in to see her new little sister. The start of a lifelong friendship.

Jill has already had her party, so today we had fun with her opening presents. As I type this she is enjoying Beyonce in concert at the Point in Dublin with a pal.

Life ain't too bad at all!


grannymar said...

Parenthood is not always easy but it sure has some breathtaking moments never to be forgotten.

Be glad you and your wife can share these moments together.

Omaniblog said...

Congratulations on being able to remember. Simply holding on to the memory is a fine achievement, I think