Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Near Death Experiences

I seem to be in a weird blogging mood lately, spooky. Maybe it's November being a dead month.

Stories of near death experiences are often interesting. I'm willing to accept that many of them may be some elaborate dream type experience. However many are difficult to explain due to the hard evidence they provide. An example of one experience I read of which always sticks in my mind is as follows...

An American middle aged woman had a heart attack in a US city which she was visiting and which she was not very familiar with. She was rushed to a local hospital and at one stage on the ground floor theatre her heart stopped and the medics took quite awhile to restart her heart. As she recovered later that day in a 3rd floor ward she related a near death experience to her nurse. She claimed she had floated up out of her body, out of the walls and upwards until she was even a bit above the roof of the hospital. She was able to describe the hospital well for someone who was unfamiliar with this city. In particular she described floating above the top floor of the hospital and remarked that she saw a tennis shoe sitting on a ledge outside a window. The nurse listened to her and consoled her but didn't take her story at all seriously. A dying person's mind plays tricks, she reckoned.

Later that day the nurse had occasion to be on the 7th floor and was doing something at the window. Over at the other wing of the L-shaped hospital she noticed an object sitting on a ledge. She then thought of what the women had said and decided she might chance a closer look. When she got over to the correct room she looked out the window and sure enough there was a tennis shoe on the ledge. At this stage the nurse was more than intrigued. She picked up the shoe and went right back down to the ward on the 3rd floor where the women was in bed. She wanted to test her further and walked up to her with the shoe hidden behind her back.

"When you were dying you said you floated up and you saw a tennis shoe on the top floor ledge?


"you never told me what colour it was."

"It was blue" the woman said without hesitation.

The nurse was stunned and showed the woman the blue tennis shoe she had hidden. The woman had only come into the hospital that day and had never been taken beyond the 3rd floor, nor had she been off her back in bed. The nurse hugged her and later became a serious student of near death experiences.

I've read other stories verified by doctors and surgeons of patients who almost died during an operation describing exact details of instruments and objects in operating theatres when they were clearly unconscious coming in and out of the room.

It's yet another strange area which requires study.


Claire said...

I find those stories fascinating too John although I agree that a lot of them are hard to verify (friend of a friend of a friend types) or could easily be dismissed as dreams or hallucinations.

A good family friend (who told us this story herself) had a very serious operation some years ago and her heart stopped while she was under. Thankfully she was resuscitated and is alive and well but she told us she had had an out of body experience. She was able to not only describe watching her operation from a corner of the ceiling but she also said she'd gone out of the room and was able to describe exactly where her husband had been waiting, who he was talking to what the doctors and nurses were doing all in great detail.

She's a very down-to-earth type, a lawyer, not generally one for talking about that kind of thing but she really couldn't explain it.

John of Dublin said...

Hi Claire. Yes, that is an interesting one you tell. It's better if you can get first hand information.