Monday, May 29, 2006

It's such fun to beat the crap out of fit young tennis players!

Being on the wrong side of 50 and overweight, I don't expect to be much good competing in sports against guys half my age. I regularly play tennis against hot shots in their 20s.

The number of times I win is amazing and extremely gratifying! The fit young big hitters have excellent court coverage abilities but sometimes overhit or get frustrated with themselves. My skills I suppose would be good placement of shots, consistency and reasonable power on forehand when I get a clean opportunity to hit hard. Although overweight I've some sort of basic fitness and can last through long matches (but taking longer to recover between long points!).

It's good to know one is not totally past it in an energetic sport after half a century on the planet. I wish I had taken up tennis seriously in my teens. I was almost 40 when I started playing in any proper way. I would encourage everyone to enjoy some sport and start as young as possible - but certainly don't be discouraged by starting when older.


Omaniblog said...

I was wondering what age you were! But I bet I'm older that you.
A good friend of mine is over 60 and plays squash and can beat people many years younger than him for similar reasons. I think it probably depends on whether you have thought about your game as well as played it. I've been trying to apply such an approach to golf.
Isn't "The inner world of tennis" great? I read some of it and then found his book on golf which is inspired.

John of Dublin said...

Hi Omaniblog. Ya, I see from your profile I'm 4 years younger (51)!. I think you're the only blogger I know whose older than me. That makes a change.

Don't get me started on golf. I play once a year in a customer scramble event which suits me well. My short game is okay I guess but I can't drive to save my life. It's a frustrating game for a tennis player I suppose - the ball in golf is completely stationary when one strikes it but it's still very hard to get it right!

If you mean "The Inner Game of Tennis" - yes it is a great book. I try to use the ideas in it when playing.

-Ann said...

Good on you, John. It's always great when playing to your strengths gives you the win.