Thursday, April 27, 2006

Rugby tale...tough guys or not?

With all the rugby hype lately I'm reminded of when I first explained rugby to my eldest daughter about 12 years ago when she was maybe 10 years old or so......

A 5-nations match was taking place between Ireland and England at Landsdowne Road and we were watching the very start of it on TV. My daughter wanted to know more about the game so I explained the rules as generally as I could. I also explained to her that these guys were super fit and exceptionally strong. They can crash into each other, do huge tackles and come through without a bother on them. Built like bricks, nothing could hurt them. My daughter was very impressed by my little speech, she figured that we were looking at a pitch full of guys like Superman.

Just after I explained all this the TV camera was showing the England captain Will Carling. He was walking along gently and suddenly keeled over in agony. He was on the ground for ages and had to be taken away permanently on a stretcher. It seemed he had stepped accidentally into a little depression in the ground made by a boot and badly twisted his leg in some way.

Well, you can imagine my little daughter was not impressed with the incident......

"You lied to me Dad. You said they were all really strong. This man is the captain of England so he should be the toughest on the field. Nobody touched him. He just fell when walking and he was taken away in a stretcher!"

Highly embarrassing, and it took years for my little girl to believe anything more I said on the subject of sport!

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