Thursday, February 02, 2006

Comedy - your views wanted!

Wow, I'm just noticing how long my post on Laughter and Comedy was! I did waffle on quite a bit.

I'm genuinely interested in the psychology of comedy and laughter so I strongly welcome views here on what people do and don't find funny.

What kid of TV/Movie humour is good or pure rubbish?

Is laughter good for us?

Are there any subjects where we can't see some funny side? Religion/terminal illness/abuse?

Satire/Burlesque/Slapstick/Kids they work for everyone?




Sarah said...

Well people laughter is a defence mechanism for fear so people tend to laugh most when the see scenes from their own lives which drive them beserk being acted out. Seinfeld is no 1 in my book...all that neuroses...

Amy said...

Firstly to comment on what Sarah has said...I believe laughter is rarely a defence mechanism...perhaps it is for those who are unsure of themselves. You simply laugh at what amuses your own senses!
I believe true comic genius is when someone can make you laugh at subjects that would normally not be amusing, Tommy Tiernan does this beautifully...he can make you laugh at religion, death and many other controversial subjects. I believe life would be nothing without laughter...those who are secure with themselves and can truly laugh at themselves and their misgivings will never fail to be happy and amused!

Anonymous said...

Hey you said you liked the Arthur film - there was a part near begining when hes pissed and picked up a prostitute. She said to him that her father raped her when she was 12. Arthur said -

well at least you had 11 good years!

Not so sure that was wise to put in film but it seemed funny at the time and in the context of him pissed and laughing all the time. So maybe your right and it just depends on how its put out.

John of Dublin said...

Sarah - I've never watched Seinfeld, I must look in on it.

Amy - I think you're right about comic genius being about getting humour from things that are not normally associated with being funny. I think it is often about highlighting failures in attempting to deal with things we take seriously.

Anonymous - I recall the prostitute scene very well in Arthur. It worked okay I think for two reasons...the prostitute wasn't offended by the remark and he also made a giggly embarrassed apology just after he said it. Arthur was not an evil or hurtful character, just an idle rich playful fun loving person with great sense of humour.

It goes back to what I said before, I think nearly any subject can be funny if it's handled the right way so as not to be hurtful. The so called victim can see funny side if of a situation if it's presented right.