Wednesday, December 07, 2005

David Cameron is new Tory Leader

I've always clutched to the comfort that as I get older and least all the serious World leaders remain older than me. Alas no more....the Tories have elected as their leader a 39 year old man with a 34 year old spouse! And yes, he has the vital full head of hair without even a hint of grey. And the TV showed him cycling a flashy bicycle and generally hopping around like an enthusiastic adolescent chimp. All changed, changed utterly, a terrible beauty is born....perhaps.

I heard someone say that to young people the Conservatives may now Even Tory old fogie Tarzan (Michael Heseltine) was impressed. He reckons it is the nearest that the UK have come to having a Kennedy Camelot type political family pack. Indeed Cameron is a good 4 years younger than the youthful John F. Kennedy when he was elected president. Sadly for the young Camerons they have the challenges of a disabled son...but truthfully that's actually an asset to their public image.

There is prima facia evidence that David Cameron might be good. At Prime Minister question time today he took a fresh approach from the usual silly pantomime antics. We will have to wait and see his progress. Image is crucial but substance is just as crucial.


Anonymous said...

who sez hes cool. hello 39 is old. no one much over 20 is cool. politics is 4 old farts but ur willie o'dea story was sort of funny


John of Dublin said...

You sound young, but hey OLD can be cool! My youngest daughter who's 16 is mad into Bow Wow, 50 cent and all the young cool dudes..but she also thinks Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson are cool...those guys would be of ancient age of 50 maybe (yes..I can hear you say it's hard to believe they're still alive).

On reading your text style message I'm reminded of the brilliant line from actor John Gielgud who played the servant Hobson in one of my favourite movies "Arthur"....

"You seem to have a wonderful economy with words. I look forward to your next syllable with great eagerness!"

Just kidding...who the heck are of my daughter's pals playing tricks on old John?