Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ireland and World Cup

Okay, from lastnight's Swiss drawn match result we are out of the soccer World Cup next year. Sad.

I'm going to add my very humble personal opinion to the huge pile contributed from self-apppointed experts who look at team performances. My only qualification is some sort of analytical and tactical mind and having watched plenty of soccer and listened to real experts for at least 35 years. Hence I know more than Brian Kerr ....mmmh....I'm sure he's scared!

I've noticed one thing our players either don't do at all or do badly - and all the really great teams of the past are good at. This is the skill of directly and properly tackling the opposition's defence - coupled with simultaneous tight passing - making space and thereby creating an extra fraction of a second of time in front of the goal at edge of the box. I know it's much easier said than done. It's down to player skills and excellent teamwork. Brazil were always superb at this and so were the great Holland team of 1974. Argentina and Italy did it well also. I guess we just don't have good enough players and/or they don't have an opportunity to practise and play long enough together as an international squad to make this work smoothly.

I thought about our lack of properly tackling the Swiss defense all through the game - it was particularly evident in this match. I was pleased to hear a real expert after the game - Liam Brady - point out this problem clearly.

There we go, I've had my say........I think I'll stick to the day job.


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Anonymous said...

de manager is gone, FAI must have read ur comments.

John of Dublin said...

I know, it's a heavy burden of responsibility I shoulder. My blinding knowledge and insight into soccer was just too much for the FAI to ignore.