Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ireland CAN PROSPER within 5 years!!

"Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for for your country"

I quote JFK's immortal words because I need the help of the Irish blogging community to spread a vital message and create a debate on a proven natural energy solution which will make Ireland energy independent and an economically strong nation.

In recent months I've personally worked in a very small way on this solution with a purely voluntary team calling itself Spirit of Ireland. The team is composed of Irish people who include skilled engineers, architects, academics, geologists, construction consultants, finance specialists, legal experts and many others.

You may have noticed the full page adverts in today's newspapers and interviews on Pat Kenny's RTE radio program this morning with two of the Spirit of Ireland's key people. Various Government Depts. have already had meetings with the Spirit of Ireland and early feedback is already very encouraging.

Please go to to learn more and get involved in a national debate. You will find a red button with "PLEASE, PLEASE TELL US WHAT YOU THINK!"

So what I really need Bloggers to do is to spread the word virally through the blogging community and get Ireland as a nation to debate this idea. This is truly a YES WE CAN opportunity for your country!

Also see copy of today's press release...


Anonymous said...

name the date and I will fight for that cause

Omaniblog said...

I've given your request for support a page of its own.

I'm so impressed.

Anonymous said...

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